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R. L. Mosz is a self-published author of thought-provoking, dramatic fiction. 
Themes in my literary fiction books include healing from emotional trauma and illness, family life, and second chances.
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The Other Ones


At first glance, The Other Ones appears to be about domestic violence against men. And physicist Damon Devereaux is psychologically and, at times, physically battered by his wife, Bristol. But as the novel opens, Damon has already left his spouse. The reader is only privy to the abuse via flashbacks throughout the story.

Damon is in the process of obtaining a long-desired divorce, and while navigating this dangerous path, he also begins to contend with his shattered psyche. After ten years of unremitting abuse, the damage has been done.

Lilianna Annesley has spent the same years embroiled in childhood emotional neglect from hyper-critical parents. Coming of age and about to spread her wings, she finds herself as crippled as the renowned physicist.

Damon’s nephew, Torrance, is Lilianna’s classmate, and his study group meets twice weekly at his uncle’s historic farmhouse. There Lilianna and Damon form an immediate bond that springs up from an assured reliance previously severely lacking in their lives.

However, those around the two grow to distrust this connection. An emotionally loaded family struggle ensues as Damon and Lilianna attempt to hang onto what’s left of their bullied identities in what can be an extremely malevolent, deadly world.

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