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My novels


A compilation of actual experiences interwoven into a fictitious story that traces one man’s harrowing journey into the realm of mind-body medicine and beyond.

Stefan Campeau is a high-flying journalist who appears to have it all. But a giant anvil called fate crashes down on the handsome writer, leaving him terminally ill, destitute, and unsightly. The best allopathic treatment available does not produce a cure, and a bitter, frustrated Stefan escapes up the coast to the scenic town of Acantilado del Mar to face his death.

He befriends Samantha, a beautiful woman who agrees to take his dog when the time comes. But to Stefan’s dismay, her next-door neighbor turns out to be another doctor—mysterious, prescient oncologist Dr. Miguel Calderón, a.k.a. “The Curandero.”

The alternative doctor coaxes Stefan back into treatment, and the patient is forced to uncover one shattering truth after another about himself, including that he gave up on living long before he ever became ill.

But as Stefan slowly recaptures some glimmers of joy in being alive, his transformation begins to affect others adversely. Samantha finds that her picture-perfect life starts to crumble, and the physician's methods come under increasing fire from people in the town.

Curandero is a story about embracing existence with all its pain and mystery and the inherent value of every life—no matter how long or short.

The Keeper

A story of healing from fractured family relationships and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Chief of staff in a renowned medical facility, Dr. Christopher Seacrest is one of the world’s shining stars. Immersed in his own importance, he lives immune to the fact that he has somehow disavowed life itself. But a brief patient-doctor meeting in an exam room between arrogant Chris and unpretentious Caitlin Rosenberry results in the physician’s perfect façade developing a hairline crack.

Initially, the powerhouse surgeon finds little of interest to him in the young, post-stroke patient, but fate brings the unlikely pair together again and again and sets into motion a series of cataclysmic events from which there is no turning back. While Dr. Seacrest finds himself falling in love with Caitlin, she vows never to see him again, and he can no longer deny life’s invitation to his own healing.

The Keeper is a thought-provoking drama that explores the mysterious power of friendship and love. The atypical romance within this PG-rated novel weaves its way through a psychological story of human relationships and social satire.

Roses in December

Inspirational fiction that examines the hardships of love, enduring friendships, and family life.

After suffering a terrible personal tragedy, Annie Alderidge tries to begin her life again with her anxious uncle and precocious young niece. Her newfound love for fellow college student Ethan Jackson fills her with hope, but whimsical Ethan, a man in search of himself, refuses to make a marriage commitment.

Just across the street, police detective Al Tortino admires Annie from a distance. But for Annie, the classically handsome neighbor is little more than an increasing annoyance in her troubled life. As Annie struggles to win over the elusive Ethan, she finds her life more hopelessly entangled with the caring detective. Soon, despite her family's protests, she loathes the very sight of Al and refuses to speak to him at all.

While Annie pines for Ethan, Al has the case of his career on his hands: A maniac is attacking people on the streets of North Park. Al’s deepening love for Annie wears away at his pragmatic nature, but when the detective’s judgment finally slips, a terrible price may come for all to pay.


The Other Ones

The Other Ones—  


You don’t want to become one.


Renowned physicist Damon Devereaux married a miscreant, and it nearly cost him his life.


High school student Lilianna Annesley struggles to survive an upbringing with reprobate parents.


While in the throes of battle with their mutual loved ones, the two meet and strike up an innocent friendship. But the darkness around them is not about to tolerate that.


Just when it seems that all hope is extinguished, one truth emerges from the embers:


Sometimes good things happen to people, and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it.    

Healing From Terminal Illness By R. L. Mosz
The Keeper: A Novel About Recovery From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder By R. L. Mosz
Roses in December: A Sweet Romance By R. L. Mosz
Connections: Five Stories About Healing And Second Chances
The Other Ones cover 2 (1)_edited.jpg

Connections: Five Stories Celebrating Renewal and Redemption

A collection of five short stories that explore the transforming power of love and second chances.

Golden Boy: Tony Kolinski drops out of medical school and hits the skids, despite a promising future.


A Touch of Evil: Having survived a disastrous marriage, physicist Dr. Damon Devereaux struggles to recover from an infected physical wound and a shattered soul.


Hardship House: Katie and Danny purchase their Craftsman dream house, but soon thereafter, he is diagnosed with a serious medical condition.


Reflections: Rowena has a haunting dream that forever alters her future.


The Lake: Katrin meets a mysterious stranger at the lake who completely transforms her life.

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