• R. L. Mosz

An unwanted creature

In my last blog post, protagonist Lilianna empathized with a clump of weeds. In this one, fellow protagonist Damon has a flashback to his marriage when he sympathized with a grasshopper!

The hot August sun beat down on Damon as he stood several yards from Bristol in their garden in Hidden Hollow. She was busy ripping wilted flowers out of the flower bed.

“Why take them out? They’re not finished blooming yet,” he protested.

“Because they look bad.”

“It’s because it’s been too hot. They’ll recover when it cools off in a few weeks.”

“I don’t care. They’re coming out,” she replied.

Damon wiped perspiration from the back of his neck with his handkerchief. He didn’t feel well. His headache and malaise had returned along with nerve pain in both legs. Next to his feet he spied a large, partially crushed grasshopper that Bristol must have stepped on while pulling out the flowers.

He stooped over to study it. It was dead. Grasping a nearby stick, he scratched a small hole in the dirt and placed it inside. After smoothing the soil back over it again, he stood up and brushed off his hands.

“I’m like that grasshopper to her,” he thought, “crushed and invisible.” Damon wished he were in a grave alongside it. He and the grasshopper belonged together, their fates inextricably linked.

In the many unhappy moments in his marriage to follow, he often thought of the slain grasshopper buried in the flowerbed, its fate unknown to anyone but himself. What was a grasshopper anyhow except a nuisance and an unwanted creature? Yet it had captured his deepest sympathy.

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