• R. L. Mosz

Unnoticed creations

In my modern-day Gothic novel-in-progress, two unlikely people, high school student Lilianna and renowned physicist Damon, form an unlikely bond due to their mutual empathetic connection to the world at large.

Following is an excerpt about Lilianna as she contemplates the transitory existence of an unwanted weed. Her younger sister, Emily, is an observer.

Lilianna studied a nearby clump of weeds that had sprouted after a recent rain. No one ever noticed weeds, she thought to herself, except to rip them out. But these plants would likely not be disturbed. If one looked closely enough, they were actually quite beautiful, she decided.

“I think you’re beautiful, weeds.” Lilianna reached out to touch them.

Emily removed a granola bar from her backpack and watched.

“No one will ever notice you. You’ll exist in complete obscurity. I see your beauty, though. You’re an exquisite work of creation.”

Emily chewed her bar, amused.

“And I’ll always remember you,”

Lilianna continued. “I’ll remember you forever.”

Their mother’s car appeared on the street.

“Goodbye, beautiful weeds.” Lilianna stroked the foliage.

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